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Sun is Shining, renovation complete, time to catch some fish!

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Hi Rod, many thanks for your kind comments. You are right in that Gairloch is a truly special place and I am thankful everyday for having the opportunity to live here, even more so in the current climate! Bella our black lab, pictured. loves going out on the boat and that picture was taken on a good friends boat (James Cameron) who runs Sands Caravan and Camping site. I was joining him on a trip over to Longa Island to feed his Highland cows and do a spot of fishing on the way! I unfortunately don’t own a boat but have always found it much cheaper just to use a friends 😀. A sea fishing trip could …


You lucky man , and what a beautiful dog whom I am sure boards your boat with great excitement and anticipation with each fishing trip . I love where you live , being lucky enough to enjoy several holidays in your majestic area . Times spent Munro Bagging but best of all sat watching the changes spreading across the lochs ,with perhaps sightings of otters or dolphins as they playfully break the waters surface . Yes ,you are a lucky man , as I am sure you know ,and I don't envy you ,but I am pleased for you , but for the Grace of God go I . I too love sea fishing ,though now out of practice…

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